Petrolicious – Bicester Heritage, Oxfordshire

A few weeks ago, walking along the road where I live in Ealing, I heard the unmistakable roar of an aircooled Porsche engine. A full ‘Rothman’s’ livery clad Porsche 993  pulled in to the next road along from mine. I stopped and chatted to the owner briefly and he told me that he had just been to a meet at ‘Bicester Heritage’. I followed Bicester Heritage’s various social media accounts to keep my ear to the ground for future car meets and thankfully I wouldn’t have to wait long.

Bicester Heritage is quite literally a petrol head’s dream, based within an old RAF airfield its website describes its new purpose…

‘Wings or wheels; driver, pilot or rider, Bicester Heritage gives you an inspiring setting in which to restore, store, buy, sell and enjoy your vehicle and your hobby. We are home to a growing collection of leading historic vehicle specialists. So you have access to the skills, knowledge and expertise to maintain your ‘device’. All within the 348-acre parkland and period 1920’s buildings of a historic RAF base in the Oxfordshire countryside.’



This thing is road legal! Madness.

And this was just the car park…The RAF hangers, bunkers and restored buildings provided an awesome backdrop for the cars on show.


One of Colin McRae’s actual legendary Subaru Imprezas


The ultimate sports car – Ferrari F40


As you can see there was an eclectic mix of cars on show. But there was plenty of German metal to keep my interest.


This felt very unlike any other car show I have attended. A super-chilled and classy atmosphere with some epic cars on show in some beautifully restored surroundings. A truly immersive experience. I geeked out massively and Nadine enjoyed it too. I will certainly be returning for future events.


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