Caffeine & Machine – Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

Having two instagram accounts following hundreds of classic, sports and modified car related users, a name that has consistently popped up over the last few years has been ‘Caffeine & Machine’. Home of cool cars, combustion and coffee.


Caffeine and Machine is a cafe, restaurant, bar – come art gallery, workshop and general petrol-head’s dream. The venue has become synonymous with Sunday classic and sports car meets and the variety of machines on display is epic.



There is a chilled vibe and all are welcome at the Warwickshire based cafe, unless of course you are a ‘dick’. Their motto is: ‘Don’t be a dick’ – The slogan is posted around the venue in order to maintain the chilled vibe and deter visitors from redlining their engines when arriving or leaving the premises and if you do insist on being ‘a dick’ you are requested not to return! This is a fantastic incentive to protect their business from becoming the bane of the local community.





Unfortunately, with my Corrado being recently vandalised, I was unable to bring it along this time. So went up in the TT which didn’t feel out of place in the eclectic mix of cars. There was no snobbery of marques at Caffeine and Machine with various city cars displaying alongside classics and supercars.



There is a £5 charge to park at Caffeine and Machine and for this you get a cool sticker which can be flashed at the bar to receive a free hot drink for drivers. Their coffee was great and prices were absolutely reasonable for a venue such as this. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner which we didn’t sample but the food looked fantastic and again, was reasonably priced.





For a lover of all things engine related, Caffeine and Machine is a wonderful day out made even better by the lovely weather. I will definitely be returning!

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