FlatSix: Goodwood – Chichester, UK

I attend a fair few car shows each year and in all honesty they have become a bit ‘samey’. Still, I decided to head down to Goodwood race circuit for the all-Porsche Flat6 show. The show is put together by some of the big names on the current UK Porsche scene and was also sponsored by Porsche.

The day was a chance for Porsche owners to take their car around the iconic track or to show off their shiny German classic and sports cars. The vibes were perfect with tunes playing, cars displayed around the track and a wide variety of cars on show. Sometimes these events can be a bit flashy and pretentious with people talking loudly about their cars and lifestyles but this was a really chilled day and enjoyed by both me and Nads.

Some track action…

A highlight for me was seeing the all carbon fibre bodied Guntherwerks 993 in the flesh? metal? composite? This thing is next level detailed with leather-lined engine compartments, super wide arches and fully custom built but in homage to the era, 911 993. Taking the current ‘Restomod’ trend to a whole new level.

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