Kyoto & Osaka – Japan

After spending 4 days in the Mount Fuji area, we travelled via shinkansen to Kyoto, the ancient capital city of Japan. The city has a wealth of shrines and temples as well as old fashioned small wooden Japanese buildings. We did a variety of activities in Kyoto and maybe felt like we could have spent a few extra days in the area.


DSC_079922 In a school break I try to get away on holiday, however this half term I spent 3 days on my back repairing my car so wasn't able to go away. I still wanted to be beside the seaside so I took a trip down to Brighton.

Lambing Season – Bocketts Farm, Dorking

DSC_061422 copy22You're never too old for a farm visit. A trip to Bocketts Farm in Dorking, Surrey allowed me to capture some photos of lambing season. Taking photos of animals can be tricky as they rarely sit still and often interfere with the 'perfect shot' that I have spotted through the viewfinder. However, I love trying to capture the animals' personalities in the photographs.