Porsche Night – Duke of London, Brentford

Local to my flat in Ealing is the Brentford Project, an industrial area of Brentford which is gradually being developed into housing and retail spaces. in amongst the building sites lives the Duke of London warehouse – home to a variety of businesses including; a classic car dealership, bodywork and restoration garage, classic motorbike specialists, a wine bar, pizza restaurant and traditional pub. The Brentford project has become an increasingly popular car meet and classic car enthusiast hang out. They held their second Porsche night which was host to a wide variety of classic, rare and exotic examples of the marque.

We started the evening with a delicious ‘Santa Maria’ pizza served by the Brewery Tap pub on the Brentford Project site. This pizzeria is renowned in the area for its authentic Neapolitan pizzas and comes highly recommended by an Italian colleague of mine. It was great. After a couple of pints of Guinness watching and listening to the cars arrive, I took to the courtyard to snap some of the cars on show.

Highlight of the night was seeing the elusive Porsche 959 – K 1UFT, numberplate referencing the German for ‘Air’ being an aircooled ‘super 911’ This car is technologically miles ahead of its 1992 birthday and features technology that can still be seen in modern day cars. The rarity of these cars places them with a price tag of between £1.5m and £2m. So cool.

As it started to rain and darkness was falling I was able to capture some cool lit shots of cars leaving the event.

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