Photography in Lockdown – Ealing, UK

Having been ‘locked down’ for 6 weeks now, I have not achieved very much at all. I have really lacked motivation to do much more than play on the Xbox and work from home.



A lot of sweat and dead skin in there…

Photography has taken a major backseat for me and despite following a Photography Locked Down photo competition, I haven’t yet plucked up the courage to enter. Seeing a lot of those entries however has inspired me to try a new direction and technique.

With travel and landscape photography off the cards for the moment (I probably would have just about gotten round to editing all my photos from my cancelled Japan trip by now.) I decided to get myself a macro conversion attachment for my camera. £10 for some really cool photo opportunities.


It works by mounting the lens in reverse to allow you to focus manually very up-close and small subjects. When I say manually, I mean physically moving back and forth towards and away form the subject. It is a tough technique to master and I am looking forward to trying with a variety of different lenses and subjects I can find in my tiny flat.

So my first subject for the new technique has the magician David Blaine to thank for its ordeal…

Putting a housefly in the freezer slows its metabolism so much that it can be in ‘suspended animation’ temporarily until it warms enough to fly off unharmed…



Not the prettiest subject but it was fascinating to see its features in so much detail, perhaps a bluebottle would have offered some brighter colours.


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