Ealing Half Marathon 2018

Unfortunately I didn’t enter the Ealing Half this year, I could have but I’ve got this thing… I couldn’t be bothered. The event is always well organised and I used the race as an opportunity to try out my brand new camera.

I have been uhmming and ahhing about investing in a new camera body for a while and I found the body I’d been interested in at a great price online so took the plunge. With this upgrade, I have become disoriented by button layouts and autofocus points but today was a chance to have a play around with the new, more advanced features. I stayed with Nikon and chose the D7200 – allowing me to continue to use lenses and accessories I have already invested in. The new body boasts somegreat low-light performance and is something I’m looking forward to really putting through its paces on holiday next month.

Here are a few shots from the day.




Some people see a camera with a big lens and just can’t help themselves…(Look where you’re going Clare).






Only 50m to go!



Thick skinned and horny


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