While I spend most school holidays visiting and taking photographs of European countries, there is still much of the UK I am yet to visit – Including Ireland (It’s on the list!)



About an hour from Ealing is Oxford – famed for its impressive university buildings. The area has a notably different vibe to that of your typical university town and understandably so, its home to some of the world’s most intelligent minds – Very few Weatherspoons or ‘Chick-O-Land’ in sight. More of a pretentious vegan, gluten free coffee shop twinned with Hogwarts kind of vibe.DSC_0653


It was however, a very pleasant yet chilly day and it made a change for me to actually get out and do something on a Sunday! I joined the tourist masses in snapping photos, although I did show some restraint in the volume of shots I took.


Strong selfie game

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