This is a Lesson in Procrastination – Sri Lanka 2015

So… It turns out I haven’t blogged or posted any photo’s for over 4 months. With that in mind I have revisited some old photos and re-edited them in Lightroom.

It’s refreshing to go back over old photographs and as I am becoming more proficient in the editing process I notice how I have completely ‘overdone’ the editing on many of my older photographs – Much like how a young child adds more and more different colours of paint to a picture until it becomes a brown mess.

Its the half term holidays and I have a few things I plan to go and shoot this week. Well, that’s the idea anyway…

These photographs come from a trip to Sri Lanka in 2015.



The commute from Colombo to the Hill Country


Tea Plantations

Trekking into the clouds at Adam’s Peak – a 2,243m pilgrimage ascent of steps to its summit – Where it is believed Buddha’s footprint is imprinted in rock. You must leave in the middle of the night in order to reach the summit for sunrise and to avoid the humid heat that quickly builds after sunrise.

This guy followed us most of the way up the stairs. Legend.






A cloudy sunrise view


Don’t go chasing them…


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