Lambing Season – Bocketts Farm, Dorking

You’re never too old for a farm visit. A trip to Bocketts Farm in Dorking, Surrey allowed me to capture some photos of lambing season. Taking photos of animals can be tricky as they rarely sit still and often interfere with the ‘perfect shot’ that I have spotted through the viewfinder. However, I love trying to capture the animals’ personalities in the photographs.




I technically had my camera settings all wrong for this photo, having moved from outside to inside a barn it was severely underexposed but with a little bit of processing and editing I was able to revive the image and highlight the goat. It almost looks like a moody model shoot and is my favourite of the trip.



Inside the dark barn, these lambs had chosen to sit in the small patches of sun allowed in by the overhead windows.

DSC_061422 copy22


Pigmy Goats


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