52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 8 – Pink

I’m taking an alternative perspective on week 8 of the 52 Week Photo Challenge. I need to keep up to date with the blog and also need to share some exciting photos! The theme this week is ‘Pink’.



Last week I became an uncle for the third time. My sister, Lucie and her husband James introduced some pink into our family in the form of a baby girl. Not the most straightforward birth by all accounts – but everyone seems to have a story about their pregnancy/labour that they are desperate to share with the world. They are not always as revealing about the conception though – I digress.  As an uncle to my eldest sister’s two boys already, it will be fun to have a baby girl in the family.

Lucie is adement that Arabella will not be a ‘Pink, girly – girl’ but her grandmother’s shopping habits have already tested this.


Lucie and Arabella

Lucie and James are naturals. They’ve clearly got the whole parenting thing nailed already and despite her notorious ‘blondeness’ Lucie seems to know what she’s doing. Me on the other hand…  I am obviously very pleased and proud of my new niece Arabella but I get a bit awkward around babies. I can’t stand their crying and the novelty of seeing them wears off fairly quickly. I am however, excited to watch this little girl grow up.  Perhaps she will be able to avoid, or at least rise above my unique influence of toilet humour.


Already unimpressed by my jokes.

And the name… Arabella. More than likely influenced by Lucie and James’ musical tastes.

2 thoughts on “52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 8 – Pink

  1. This is the best way to enter this theme! What a beautiful little girl and her name is just gorgeous! Congratulations and i am sorry for my late reply to your entry.


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