52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 7 – Time

A really interesting theme for this week’s 52 Week Photo Challenge. I have portrayed the theme in a couple of ways with my photos and as mentioned in my previous post – I even managed to get the camera out and snap an original, solely for the challenge!

My first photo is of Pompeii – The town frozen in time by the huge volcanic eruption and pyroclastic flow from Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79. I love volcanoes and secretly hoped to see some kind of activity at the top of Vesuvius, wishful thinking – I know!


Frozen in Time – Pompeii, Italy

The second is of the inner workings of the clock tower at Church of Our Saviour, Copenhagen. One of the many gothic clock towers in the city.


Clockworks – Copenhagen, Denmark

My final photo is of my late grandad’s pocket watch, which was recently handed down to me by my Granny.





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