52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 4 – Reflections

I was really excited by this week’s photo challenge. I love the use of reflection in photography and it also gave me a chance to look back through my photos from the last few years and reflect on how lucky I have been to visit some amazing places.

I have tried to include a variety of reflection examples from my photo catalogue for this week’s The Girl Who Dreams Awake’s photo challenge.


Stockholm, Sweden


Suit Fitting – Hoi An, Vietnam


Ferrari – Monaco, Casino Monte Carlo


Arctic Cathedral and Bridge – Tromsø, Norway


1920s New Years Eve – Bournemouth, 2015


Deer – Bushy Park, London

4 thoughts on “52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 4 – Reflections

  1. The first photo is the Stadhusset in Stockholm, Sweden. Taken just before leaving the city to fly home. I really love Scandinavian countries – such friendly people and a relaxed atmosphere. Thank you for giving me inspiration!


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