52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 2 – Food

Week 2 of the 52 week photo challenge is ‘Food’. Taking photographs of food has become the standard procedure in restaurants. What people do with these photos after they’re taken is beyond me – but I assume its bragging rights for the Instagram account #FoodPorn!

You may notice that, despite being a huge fan of eating out… I am not keen on taking photos of food. One set of photos that I instantly thought of for this week’s challenge were taken in Hanoi, Vietnam.

On a busy, dirty street was a grim looking store front which served plates of raw meat, spices, limes and a small gas powered cooker. I am a bit of a food snob and look for the food hygiene rating before committing to eating at an establishment. It’s safe to say I was not going to find a hygiene rating for this pavement DIY restaurant.

Patrons were expected to squeeze a lime into the small bowl of spices and marinate their own meat before placing it on the mini gas cooker using chopsticks. The taste was phenomenal and the social aspect of preparing food for friends was an added bonus.





Unfortunately, shortly after these photos were taken one of our party began to projectile vomit. Needless to say this put us off our meal and led us to leave the ‘restaurant’ as the waiters mopped up sick from the floor the simultaneously welcomed new customers to eat. You’ve gotta love the South East Asian attitude towards relentless entrepreneurship!

Photographs of food are usually boring but the stories of socialising over food are normally unforgettable.

There’s only one song I could think of to go along with this post: ‘Food Glorious Food’ from Oliver!

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