The Red Tree

dsc_0902Everyone loves Autumn. A quick glimpse at Instagram is proof of this. There is only a couple of weeks to capture Autumn in all its glory before the heavy frosts and strong winds strip the trees of their colourful leaves.

Inspired by John Godley’s recent post; ‘Golden Afternoon’, I took my camera out to Osterley Park in West London to capture some of the Autumn colours before they disappear. On the walk I noticed one tree in particular which was a striking red on one side and faded to yellow green colour on the other. This would be the main focus of the shoot.

I used my 35mm prime lens (no zoom) to take these photos. This involved climbing through bushes and nearly falling in lakes to get the shots I wanted and also made me consider not trying to fit the whole subject into the frame.

Topical song: .Moneen. – Seasons Fade Fevers Rage its a Slow Decay – from the album; ‘The Red Tree’







And an impromptu H&M Autumn collection photoshoot…





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