52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 1 -Black and White

I have recently started branching my blog out into the WordPress community and whilst doing so, found this popular photography challenge initiated by The Girl That Dreams Awake’s blog.

Each week a new challenge or single word prompt is posted and the community should post their photography in response.

Week one is ‘Black and White’. My photos tend to have quite a moody, dark feel to them and I often use black and white photography for portraits. Black and white can also be quite forgiving for photo quality if the conditions are not ideal in terms of light.

With this in mind, I have chosen to only use black and white portraiture of random people from my travels through Asia. Specifically; Vietnam, Thailand and Sri Lanka. All the photos I have captured are candid (taken without permission or awareness). These unposed photos capture people in their everyday lives which, in the case of these photos is not particularly glamourous.


Market – Hanoi, Vietnam


Vietnamese street food – Hanoi, Vietnam


Beggar – Galle, Sri Lanka


Fruit Seller – Bangkok, Thailand

I hope you enjoy my entry. Please leave feedback in the comments section.

PS- Staying true to my previous entry and given the subject matter of these photos, I’ll post this song: Β Thrice – Beggars

3 thoughts on “52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 1 -Black and White

  1. These are fantastic!!! A story told through images !! Thank you for joining in the challenge and hope to see more of your work πŸ™‚


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