A follow up to last month’s post; ‘Oh Deer!’ This time shot in Bushy Park at about 4pm. There was a really nice warm light on the park and a moody dark sky. Plenty of photographers were present, capturing the rutting action before the Cull in the Royal Parks takes place next week.

I am the personification of the daytime TV show; ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ in the fact that I love to associate spoken sentences with songs, so… I’ll just leave this here: ‘Deer’ by Manchester Orchestra.

(Perhaps this will become a regular theme for future blog posts!)

I was really pleased with how close I could get to the animals and got the chance to see the deer chasing one another. They were sending out calls across the park and didn’t seem bothered by the human presence. Some of the deer were clearly more aggressive than the others and were initiating chases for territory and female attention – Much like Kingston on a Friday night!










I really enjoyed photographing the deer and seemingly, so did they! With an imminent trip to Iceland, hopefully I will be able to capture some photos of their Arctic cousins!

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